Norman Lodge No.1334 in the Province of Co.Durham under UGLE

About Freemasonry


Freemasonry under the United Grand Lodge of England is the UK's largest, secular fraternal and charitable organisation. It has over 300,000 members working in nearly 8,000 lodges throughout England and Wales and 30,000 more members overseas.

Grand Lodge have produced a pair of booklets addressing most of the issues those interested in Freemasonry are likely to raise.

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Freemasonry: An Approach to Life is an explanation of the main aspects of Freemasonry.

Your Questions Answered takes a Question-and-Answer approach to commonly asked questions.

Printed copies are available from the address below.

Freemasonry draws members from all walks of life, the vast majority are ordinary, decent men who you might just find living in the same street as yourself. However, we do take some pride in our 'celebrity' members and the page below lists some names which might come as a surprise to you. Click on the Title to open:

100 famous Masons from around the world


For further information and specific details about how to join the Norman Lodge in particular, please see: How to Join.

For further information and general details of how to become a Freemason, please write to or telephone:

The Grand Secretary
The United Grand Lodge of England
Freemason's Hall
60 Great Queen Street

Tel: 0207 831 9811
Fax: 0207 831 5719

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